My wish for you in 2011:

1. Your divine spirit is meant to shine. Make no apologies for its brightness.  Let it shine.

2. You are created as perfect, and your path is prepared and waiting for you in this moment.  Dwell in the perfection of your imperfections.

3. Worry and fear are imagined.  The reality is that there is nothing to fear.  Release the past, be present, and create your magnificent future one moment at a time.  Be where you are.

4. Change is inevitable.  Be unattached.

5. You are never alone.  Ask for help.

6. Regrets steal your energy. Let them go.

7. If you want to know what you’re committed to, look at your life.  You’re committed to what you have created – what exists for you right now.  Commit with discernment, and create with discipline only what aligns with your purpose.

8. Faith in God makes all things possible.  Pray more.

9. Your judgments limit you.  Suspend them.

10. We’re wired for love.  Love more.

Much Love,


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