Almost everyone I’ve ever worked with as a coach has had some degree of an “unworthiness” issue pulling at their confidence level.  It’s the one thing that seems to always be there in some way; the notion that somehow I’m not pretty enough, smart enough, ambitious enough or in some way not deserving of success.

I remember the first time I realized this was true for me.  I was sitting on an airplane, reading T. Harv Ecker’s book, “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind” when the sentence he wrote stopped me cold.  Tears flooded from my eyes, responding to the truth of that one sentence that told me I didn’t believe I was worthy.  Since then, I’ve worked through that belief and now I know it was a lie that I chose to believe.

In my work with Robert Holden, one of the teachers from Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy, I’ve discovered the difference between my personality and my unconditioned self.  My personality will have me believing untruths, and my unconditioned self (with no need to look good, or to be anything but the real me) will quietly remind me that my well being is innate and that I am perfect just as I am.

Part of the deserving issue is related to our fear of rejection.  I now see that any fear of rejection is simply a fabrication of the personality, wanting to keep us safe.  The idea of rejection is completely made up by the personality, and has no basis for truth.

When I check in with my inner wisdom, where all truth resides, I know that God created me as perfect, in spite of my perceived imperfections.  When I go inside, I can see that my health and well being are already part of me.  It’s my personality that has me believing I am a certain way.  I can shed my personality and reach the perfection that lives at my core.  It’s such a beautiful experience getting re-acquainted with myself in this way.

My inner wisdom has me more relaxed and at peace.  I know that everything is as it’s meant to be.  I take clear action from the place inside me that feels like me, rather than what my personality would have me do.  There’s nobody to please or impress, nothing to strive for, no place to be but where I am.

Inner wisdom has always been with me, though not always tapped into.  Now that I see that, everything looks different.

Coach Charrise

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  1. Paul says:

    This concept is very much in keeping with Eckhart Tolle’s discussion of ego vs. what I call “soul”. We need to stop listening to the conversations in our head about who and what everyone else says we should or shouldn’t be and listen to that one single voice which is our soul, our inner wisdom, that knows exactly who and what we are and that only wants what is best for us. When we start to listen to that one single voice, miracles will begin to happen in our lives!

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