One of the most powerful questions to ask yourself on a regular basis, is “Is it true?”

We tend to get caught up in what we think is true, which is fundamentally our story.  If we probe the thought, can we see how it might be holding us back by believing it?

Our human nature is to believe our thoughts without questioning the logic behind them.  We can change that tendency by becoming a more critical thinker.  For example, it often happens that one of my business coaching clients will say to me “but, I’m no good at delegating.”  When I ask, “Is it true?” it causes them to re-think their thought.  What is there to back up that statement?  Is that thought creating a barrier?  Who would you be without that thought?

Much of my training in this area came from Byron Katie’s book, Loving What Is.  In it, she describes a powerful process for inquiry called “The Work.”  It’s a four step strategy that transforms the way you think about things.  When this technique is used regularly, the stress in your life dissipates.

You can begin by simply being committed to re-thinking thoughts that hold you back or cause you stress.  Ask yourself “Is it true?” in a way that honestly probes the truth around the thought.  Be objective and realistic, and separate the emotion you feel from the facts around the situation.

As a management/coaching tool, this is a very effective problem solving technique for you to use with your staff.  Help them face the truth by asking them to reconsider their statements.  This can be extremely liberating, and can help your workplace be stress-free!

Coach Charrise

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