The other day I was walking by a house that had just had a new concrete driveway installed.  Without thinking about it, my instinct was to write something in the freshly smoothed and textured, wet concrete.  I slowed down and really thought about how I could add my mark without disrespecting the home owner.  At first I wondered what I would do if I were 5 years old – of course I’d be compelled to add my artwork to the blank canvas of the concrete.  Then I remembered that I’m an adult and such a thing would be inappropriate, and moved on.

This got me thinking about how our human instinct IS to leave our mark – each day and over time, through the difference we make for others.  We want people to know we were present – and that with our presence, something changed.  It’s hard wired into each of us.

We’re also built to be creative.  My deliberation about writing on the wet concrete included lots of ideas about smiley faces, encouraging words, and flowers.  My immediate urge was to be creative!

Today, I will leave a mark in the world, just because I can.  I will be creative and inspired by the amazing life around me.  I will remember that inside me, indeed – inside all of us -  is a great ability to make a creative difference.

How will you leave YOUR mark?

Coach Charrise

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