People are looking for the magic bullet. The sure shot. The secret weapon to build a wealthy empire the easy and fast and efficient way.

It happens sometimes. Someone will stumble over something that there is a market for. It’s very rare that a person finds wealth and success without one magic ingredient.


As children, we were taught to practice. Practice our multiplication tables. Practice our clarinet. Practice our baseball pitch.

As adults, we forget the value of practice. In the world of fast and easy, and the path of least resistance, we take on an attitude of entitlement. We undervalue the simple act of practicing our skill, our trade, our passion.

Great creative work gets even greater through repetitively creating and re-creating. When we do what we love, why wouldn’t we choose to do more of it?

When I am practicing coaching, or practicing asking for my fee, or practicing serving – I am at my very best. Through the very nature of being in action, I create perfect systems; gaining confidence about what works and what doesn’t. I stay open to my passion evolving yet stay focused and in a state of action.

Practice is the secret weapon. It makes everything possible. The raw talent is inside you – the practice makes it real. The amount of time a person spends practicing their art, or their game, or their life – significantly improves it.

It’s simple. What do you practice?

Coach Charrise

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One Response to The Secret Weapon

  1. Abderrafie says:

    Practice is a powerful weapon, but also has a double edge.
    If you practice indulging yourself, kidding it, escaping challenges…unfortunately you’ll become skillfull at that !

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