Have you ever considered what would be possible for you -  if you were truly free to think, create, and reconnect with yourself and your spirit – now, and for the rest of your time here?

This notion may seem like a pipe dream.  Truthfully, we don’t have time for such frivolous pursuits.  After all, there are staff meetings to lead and products to sell and people to manage and fires to extinguish.  We are caught in the web of what we’ve created: actions that are truly RE-actions.  We go to bed each night, wondering if the torture will someday end; enduring sleepless nights and sleepwalking days, perpetuating the cycle of a life at the mercy of circumstances.  What can all this really mean in the end?

And yet, if we’re honest with ourselves, we sense that there is a better way.  We get glimmers of our innate well-being – flashes of enthusiasm and joy, sometimes at inexplicable times under ordinary circumstances.  This is the space from which we recreate our ordinary life into something nothing short of extraordinary.

I spent a full day this week in Hilton Head with a client who was among the first few to experience Liberation Day, a one-day intense session designed to go deep and wide to create something new.  Since I’m personally quite familiar with embodying struggle as a way of being, having done so myself for years – I am uniquely qualified to teach and guide people to reach a different place, where full expression lives.  In this place, we remember who we are at our core, before we’ve piled on all the limiting thoughts, destructive beliefs, and unfounded fears that seem to suck the life out of us.  We speak in terms of possibility, rather than the typical, tired, reasonable mindset we’ve grown accustomed to.  We create space where anything we can imagine becomes possible, including specific action steps to get the momentum started.

During this intimate, fierce, loving day of walking the beach, swinging on porch swings, feeling the connection to the earth and spirit, my client and I gave life to something new and fresh. Like turning over every rock in a field of rocks, we explored every crevice, finding the new life that’s been starved of the light necessary to make it grow.  We acknowledged the emotions, the feelings in the body, the joy and the inspiration.

The immediate tangible results of spending this precious time together are significant, though the dividends will occur for the rest of her life. She is now clear that she has been seeking something outside of herself to create the life she wants.  She now knows that she is fully equipped with everything she needs, inside of her – and when she reaches into that place, and only when she does – she will create the life she truly wants.  The roots are there, and now that the light is shining on them, there’s nothing but growth and harvest ahead.

I’m honored to create this space of possibility and wonder with such a magnificent human being.  It’s life liberating, earth shaking, love explosion in pure form.

And for this, I’m grateful.

Coach Charrise

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