I read a brilliant post today from the blog “We The Change”.  It’s all about the journey of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, and the “imaginal” energy form the caterpillar takes in order to become the beautiful butterfly.  Todd relates to us the ways in which that metamorphosis is like the world today, in that we are moving into a new consciousness which imagines a better world.

Collectively, we really are the change we wish to see.  Large, powerful movements are forming in order to create positive change in our world.  It begins with conscious corporations vowing to make a positive difference, and continues with ordinary people taking extraordinary action to intentionally create world-changing initiatives.

An important part of the change that must take place is for people to take committed action to develop themselves personally, professionally, and most of all spiritually.  The sum of this effort results in a sweeping cluster of high impact energy and unprecedented results.  It’s viral.

Be hopeful.  Be grateful.  Be righteous and humble.  Be present and accounted for in the movement for what is possible.

Coach Charrise

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